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this weather should last.

what a strange day at work. its always weird when upper management is in the hospital. everyone is on edge and greg/liz's little tiff didnt make things any less weird. ah well.

i guess i just dont get why people lie for no reason. i understand sometimes lies are called for. even white lies. but just for the sake of having something to explain is sad.

james and i are both kind of in adult limbo as far as real world responsibilities. its so dumb. were always tired, im hoping the gym membership gets us going and we create healthier habits.

this is so much better than trying to sum up an interesting occurrence in a short amount of characters, i feel so mad at the world for giving up on LJ.
It is and always will be my favorite SN site.

so many memories. so much fun.
oh nostalgia.

thats why its called 'the seductive liar'.
its true.

ive put up a small amount of xmas decorations already. nov 12th and im already tired of waiting for xmas.

its just such a happy holiday.

time for some big red and my book.

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